Digitale LiDAR-Geländemodelle von Polen | Digital LiDAR-Terrain Models of Poland

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Poland offers precise 1m-OpenData Lidar source data.

But it's not possible to download the enourmous data for the whole country due to the limitations in their download methods. I already contacted the Polish office (GUGiK), but they seem not willing to improve their download methods nor offering an alternative, less dense gridded DTM (e.g. 10 m) for the whole country which would result in an ideal file size to download.

If you are interested in Sonny Lidar-DTMs of Poland, you should contact them as well, to support the request for a countrywide download of their elevtion data.

Info site is:


List of other countries with LiDAR-DTMs and the Collective download of all available pan-european 1" and 3" .hgt files:


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